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Reasons to use the HR Docs Pack


Do not be scared by HR consultants trying to tell you that you need them to provide their services to produce all of your HR documents or to subscribe to their expensive HR websites to ensure that you are legally compliant.

It’s a “myth” as you do not have to spend much money at all on HR services.

You do not have to employ HR consultants, but you do need good HR policies and procedures in place in order to meet your employment law obligations and to negotiate how you employ and manage your staff.

If you feel that your knowledge of important HR issues is limited in areas such as employment law, employment contracts and HR policies, then your organisation would benefit from using the documents that HR Docs Pack has to offer.

There are some basic HR documents which I believe that you need in place.

The most important are: contracts of employment, recruitment, discipline and grievance, health and safety, induction, data protection and the employee handbook.

You will also need: flexible working, sickness absence, equality, maternity leave, along with many others which would be beneficial to your organisation.

HR Docs Pack have produced easily accessible and affordable HR documents and for £499.00 you can own a high quality HR documents pack which contains policies, forms and letters within the main areas of HR that your organisation needs to keep the right side of the law.

The documents are professionally written, clear, thorough, simple to use and easy to follow and understand for both the employer and the employee and the templates can be easily downloaded and adapted to suit the needs of your organisation.

Do not worry about any changes to employment law as all the documents will be updated when any changes occur in the future and all new documents will be added for free.

Do not spend vast amounts of money on expensive HR documents from HR consultants paying lots of yearly subscriptions, use the specialised HR documents from HR Docs Pack who concentrate solely on this area of HR.


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